GHOST DATA is a producer of electronic music, specializing in symphonic melody making and deep harmonic chord structuring, backed by creative and intuitive percussive work.

They compose many different types of music through heavy experimentation and meaningful melody. A staple of any GHOST DATA track can be recognized by their deep melody writing, emphasis on the human experience and emotional output, and strong percussive work.

Established in 2012, it was only until 2014 that GHOST DATA began taking a more serious interest in music production, honing every possible production technique and experimenting with every possible genre until finally solidifying his signature sound.

The name behind GHOST DATA comes from the actual computational phenomenon "ghost data", occurring after a supposed error is found – and corrected – thereby losing the original data forever. This can contrast to artists / musicians in social media, especially in pop music, who quickly conform to the societal standards of music making after making their break, in turn losing the thing that made them special and unique in the first place.

We hope to remain an error in the music industry for the rest of our lives.